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Review ❤️ The Best Man Plan by Jaci Burton

July 9, 2020

Review ❤️ The Best Man Plan by Jaci Burton

Three days before Erin Bellini’s wedding, her fiancé breaks up with her–in an email! Hurt and embarrassed, she decides to have a fling with veterinarian Jason Callum, who’s both the best man and the hottest guy she knows. But Jason wants a lot more than just a one-night stand with the woman he’s cared about for years. So he’s taking things slow. And hot. And showing Erin what real love can look like.

Suddenly Erin finds herself spending a lot more time with Jason than she intended.  Feelings she never planned on having again are wrapping around her heart, refusing to let go. Erin isn’t sure she can trust her instincts, though. After all, she made a terrible choice with her ex-fiancé. But Jason intends to convince her that he’s the best man for her, and that what they have together is a real love that will last forever.

Release Date: Jul 7, 2020
Series: Boots and Bouquets
Book: 1
Heat Level: Sensual
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Berkley
Price: $7.99


Erin is all set to marry Owen when she gets an email from him stating he no longer wishes to marry her. She is furious as the whole entire town is ready to celebrate their nuptials. Not allowing herself any time to mourn over the relationship, Erin decides to throw her own reception and invite everyone including, her and Owen’s friend, Jason.

Erin gets this bright idea to get revenge on Owen by sleeping with Jason. Of course, Jason is not entirely on board with the idea despite secretly liking Erin for years. But they have been friend their entire lives so he decides to be there for her. Then one things leads to another and they are both wondering how to manage their newfound feelings.

There are several issues with this story. First, Erin didn’t seem as if she really cared that Owen dumped her. Soon as she read the email and stomped around the house and told her family, she decides to throw herself a party. I get not wanting to lose the money on the reception but it didn’t feel authentic. I think she didn’t even care about him.

I didn’t like the idea of Erin wanted to use Jason since she states she knew him before Owen.   Owen and Jason are best friends. She is friends with Jason but will risk losing that just to get “revenge” on Owen. She drops that idea quickly but she does acknowledge that Jason is cute and she makes her move on the man.

They get tangled in a relationship and most people are aware in this town but Erin is still cautious with sharing this bit of information. Bam! The ex-fiancé arrives back in town and things get very awkward. He explains why he left which I could understand. However, how Erin handles it made me question did she even like Jason. It got very weird at the end which makes it hard to root for the couple in the story.

I normally enjoy books by this author but I couldn’t connect with the characters. I hope others will enjoy this far better than I did. I’m not totally put off from reading future works by her.

~ Samantha

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